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Devil Dash

Devil Dash is an exhilarating platformer game with a unique dash mechanic that will keep you hooked. Give this cool game a try now!

You must sprint through stages, avoiding hazards and outwitting enemies, in this exciting action game. Before you embark on this thrilling adventure, there are levels that will excite, test, and inspire you. Have a wonderful day traveling, but be prepared to face obstacles and surprises. There are numerous fronts from which we might explore an exciting cosmos. You may level up in a whole new way with the amazing Super Slide and the explosive Dash Boost. Prepare to face terrifying bosses as you test your abilities. Let your courageous soul shine through at every turn. You have to look everywhere for hidden wealth. As you press on and enjoy the fantastic benefits, your confidence will skyrocket. You are in for an amazing adventure!

How To Play

  • To go around, just use the arrow keys.
  • The action can be controlled by pressing the A button to double jump and the up arrow to jump