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Geometry Dash Meltdown: Challenge yourself with difficult levels in the world of lava eruptions. Experience the thrill of this rhythm-based game!

Geometry Dash Meltdown: The Lava Challenge

Geometry Dash Meltdown is here to melt your sanity and forge your reflexes in the fires with the rhythm-based obstacle course game. Players will experience unprecedented adventures with a series of spikes and monsters in molten lava environments. You will start the game with an initial cube, and it changes along the way with different terrains. The challenges will be greater than you think, so prepare yourself for the most thrilling encounters. Participating in Geometry Dash Meltdown can test your sharp reflexes and precise control flexibility.

Geometry Dash Meltdown is the first spin-off game introduced by RobTop in the Geometry Dash series. Continuing the unique features in the original version, this game adds hundreds of extremely valuable new interfaces to your character. In addition, each skin has certain differences that make this game suitable for all types of participants. Most importantly, this spin-off version offers an extremely addictive three-round challenge. Let’s discover the details of these rounds!

The marvelous levels

The three main levels in Geometry Dash Meltdown include The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots. Players can choose to participate in any adventure without unlocking conditions. The number of stars you receive will correspond to the difficulty of the round. Also, don't forget to collect secret coins to perfect your collection. F-777, a Canadian singer, created the exciting background music for all three rounds. What is so interesting about these rounds that they attract so much interest?

The Seven Seas

The Seven Seas is the first and simple round of Geometry Dash Meltdown, with a 1-star difficulty of the Easy level. Players will adventure in the cube and the ship segments. Throughout the game, you may feel like you are lost in the middle of a sea full of hideous monsters. The terrain below the screen is evenly covered with animated water ripples. You will face sharp spikes and deadly space. Jump continuously across platforms, columns and fly through spaces, or your round will end immediately because of colliding. Overall, this level is not too tricky, and newcomers can also try it. Besides, the map has three secret coins, all located in easily overlooked locations.

  • The first coin appears in position 22% in the cube section. After moving the object across terrain below a spiked platform, a hanging platform will descend. Instead of maintaining the downward direction, the player controls the cube and jumps up to the middle of this suspended platform to collect this coin.
  • The second is located at 37% in the ship segment. After moving to the first ship segment, you should direct the flying entity to the top of the screen. The coin will appear next to a small walkway on the upper platform. This location is not easy to see; you will even have to play again to be able to collect it.
  • The last coin is collected as a cube at the position of 80%. This item appears on a small platform at the bottom of the screen. Players pay attention to the cube navigation and continuously jump over high columns to discover and collect this coin.

The background music in The Seven Seas is called Pirate Dance Machine and has the sound of ocean explorations. F-777 himself commented that this is one of his most famous songs.

Viking Arena

Viking Arena offers a Normal-level challenge with a 2-star difficulty. If The Seven Seas takes you to a vast ocean, at this level, you will be challenged in a hot volcanic cave. The adventures of the cube and the ship continue. Players will face rivers of fire with terrifying monsters. Not stopping there, the pedestals and columns in Viking Arena also resemble molten lava flows. You will need to overcome a series of continuous bright red spikes to safely reach the finish line. In addition, the background is also decorated with strange creatures. All create an extremely dangerous exploration trip and stimulate your conquest of the peak.

This second round of Geometry Dash Meltdown also includes three secret coins. However, you will need to complete some missions to collect all of these items.

  • The first coin is at position 44%. For this item to appear, the player needs to get the key at position 8%. You pay special attention to the purple highlight right behind a series of torches in the middle of the screen. This is the location of the key you need to collect. Then, when moving the ship through a path with fire-breathing monsters from above and through a green arrow, the player can spot the coin jumping up from under the lava.
  • The second coin appears at position 55%. When the map color turns purple, the player maneuvers the cube to jump over two tall columns and reach a platform with a light pole above. At this point, instead of jumping up, you need to release the command button to let the cube drift down and collect the coin.
  • The player takes the last Viking Arena coin at position 72% in the ship segment. This item is located close to the terrain below. Stable the flying object at low altitude to detect this coin.

In addition, the appeal of this round also comes from the motivating background music. The song is called Viking Dance Machine and has the ideal sound for the most extreme dance moves.

Airborne Robots

Airborne Robots the most difficult level of Geometry Dash Meltdown, with 3 stars for the Hard level. Players will play a character with the familiar original cube shape. Then it will turn into the ball and the ship and repeat a round in the same order. You'll need to traverse the map with a series of fake spikes and saw blades. This round helps you improve your control on jumping rings. Players will continuously maneuver the cube, touching golden balls and jumping pads, to overcome complex terrain. Besides that, be careful with the moving platforms, as they can cause your character to collide with those vertical neon walls.

The final round of Geometry Dash Meltdown also features three secret coins. Their positions are 25%, 67%, and 98%, respectively. Let's take a look at how to discover these 3 coins:

  • The first coin requires a key to open. The player controlling the cube jumps a series of rings and platforms and then moves to a hanging platform to collect the key at 16%. The game round continues until you see a hanging platform shaped like a green lock (the same color as the key), then navigate the object to jump on it to get the gold coin.
  • The second coin is in the ship segment. Immediately after transforming from the ball form, the player navigates the moving object through a small passage between a platform below to collect a coin at the exit.
  • The third coin is collected in the ending cube segment. After jumping over the two golden balls, instead of maintaining the downward direction, the player controlling the entity jumps onto the short hanging platform to get the last coin.

The pace of Airborne Robots is faster than the other two rounds. Along with the excitement of the Ludicrous Speed soundtrack of the Drum N Bass genre, completing the challenge becomes more exciting than ever.

Explore the gameplay and achievements

Adventure with Transformation Geometry

Similar to other games in the series, Geometry Dash Meltdown also requires players to avoid colliding with all obstacles on the map to successfully reach the finish line. Besides, this game also has simple control commands for the main object and is easy to get used to. The player uses the left-click or the spacebar to direct the character's movement. Get ready for continuous key presses, like finger wrestling, to win the final victory. Additionally, for practice modes, players can press the Z key to create checkpoints and the X key to eliminate the nearest point.

Unlock all achievements

Geometry Dash Meltdown has two main features for players to track their progress and achievements: Stats and Achievements. In the Stats section, you can see the total number of jumps, attempts, stars collected, secret coins available, and so on. Meanwhile, Achievements will recognize your efforts through completing rounds, collecting coins, or performing jumps to a certain number. The player's progress will appear below each achievement's key as a percentage of completion.

Compare Meltdown with the SubZero and the World version

About the comprehensive properties

Geometry Dash Meltdown carries a unique concept throughout all three rounds of challenges. Players can easily see the adventure through temples and tunnels with molten lava. Along with that, more monsters also appear in the Geometry Dash SubZero and Geometry Dash World versions. Regarding how to participate in levels, Meltdown allows players to choose any round of their choice, similar to the SubZero version. While the World version requires sequential unlocking. In addition, all three games have a practice mode to help players make initial discoveries and get used to the dangerous terrain on the maps of the main rounds.

The distinctive collectibles and achievements

This is the most obvious difference among the three versions of the Geometry Dash series. Players will need to collect collectibles in varying amounts, and achievements are no exception. Geometry Dash Meltdown has a much lower number of stars than the other two games. While SubZero has a total of 18 stars, World has 31 stars, and Meltdown has only 6 stars for all levels. However, given that this is the first game from the original that RobTop has created a spin-off of, this is understandable.

The difference is also shown in user coins, mana orbs, diamonds, and shops. The only version that has all of these is Geometry Dash World. Additionally, like SubZero, Meltdown also does not have the creator menu, daily level, or weekly demon. Once again, the remaining game still possesses all of these features.

Discover More Games that Capture the Geometry Dash Spirit

Along with the inheritance and development from the original game, Geometry Dash Meltdown gives players a challenging obstacle course game. The game requires the most timely and intelligent maneuvers to win. In addition, the attractive concept and background music are also impressive elements of this game. Endless discoveries will never stop; you can try yourself with the original game or two other spin-off versions. Moreover, gamers will never have a limit to the challenges in Geometry Dash's user-level features, with outstanding levels such as Bloodbath, Nine Circles, etc., or inspired games like Spooky Dash or Xmas Dash.

What are you waiting for? Join the movements to the vibrant music and start your journey with unbelievable experiences right away!