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Getting Over It: Mario Edition is a challenging and frustrating platformer game that requires patience to learn from your mistakes.

It is the story of Mario, a skilled plumber with a distinctive mustache, as he begins a tough trek up a treacherous mountain, armed only with a reliable hammer. The game tells the story of Mario. Throughout his adventure, Mario faces a multitude of obstacles that put his abilities and determination to the real test. Perilous slopes, swinging axes, and enormous stones are among the obstacles he must overcome. Mario is a game that will put your patience and endurance to the ultimate test. It is an extremely hard and satisfying game that will test your ability to get over issues.

How To Play

  • Start by mastering the basics of movement and climbing.
  • To carefully move Mario's hammer, use the mouse.
  • Be patient and persistent. It will take time and effort to complete the game.
  • Don't give up! The design of the game is challenging, but with patience and skill, you can overcome the obstacles.

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