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Geometry Dash Megalodon lets you enter the realm of lava eruptions and test your mettle with challenging levels. Let's play now.

On the one-star Easy difficulty setting, Geometry Dash Megalodon's first and easiest level, The Seven Seas, is a walk in the park. The ship and cube parts will take players on exciting adventures. You might get the impression, as the game goes on, that you're right in the thick of things, rescuing terrible animals from a sea full of them. Below the screen, dynamic water waves are uniformly covering the earth. There will be deadly spikes and a place you cannot escape. Avoid having your round cut short due to collisions by hopping between columns and platforms and soaring through spaces. Due to its lack of difficulty, anyone can attempt this level. Plus, you can find three more coins, all of which are hidden and distributed around the map.

How To Play

Use the up arrow key to jump, or use the mouse.

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