BG dark

Geometry Dash Subzero is an action-packed platformer game that belongs to the popular Geometry Dash franchise. It all began with a single character and a flat surface, inviting you to jump, flip, and dash through a myriad of obstacles on your journey to the finish line. In this version, you'll find a selection of limited levels and customizable items to enhance your gaming experience.

Geometry Dash Subzero unveils three brand-new levels with a chilly theme. As you conquer each level, you'll be treated to an original soundtrack composed by talented artists such as MDK, Bossfight, and Boom Kitty. The competitive spirit ignites as players challenge one another to achieve the highest scores on the in-game leaderboard.

Keep your eyes peeled for secret surprises! Throughout this thrilling action-platformer, you'll stumble upon hidden items that hold special significance. These treasures come in the form of coins and other items, granting you the power to unlock additional levels, characters, and icons. 

Don't fret if you stumble along the way. Geometry Dash Subzero grants you multiple attempts to conquer your obstacles. Each time you fail, you will respawn at the point where you met your demise, giving you a chance to learn from your mistakes and conquer that pesky obstacle or wall. Prepare yourself for a range of levels catering to different difficulty levels. So, what are you waiting for? Strap in, tap that start button, and let the excitement of Geometry Dash Subzero sweep you away!

How To Play

Geometry Dash Subzero has a very simple gameplay. It can be played on a touch screen, with a mouse, or on a keyboard.