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Geometry Dash Pounce is an addictive rhythm-based platformer that requires timing. You must navigate various levels filled with obstacles.

The goal is to navigate a snake-like avatar through a confined arena while avoiding other players' and your own tails. While aiming to grow your snake to its full length, you must score goals by hitting the ball into your opponent's net. Create a room for yourself or join an existing game to begin. You have the option to play against players from all over the world or with your friends. Find and collect power-ups that appear at random on the field. Temporary perks that these power-ups may bring include increased speed and the ability to kill other snakes. Observe your surroundings and attempt to anticipate the movements of your fellow players. If you're playing with friends, work together to score goals while protecting yourself.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your snake. You can also use the spacebar to boost your snake's speed for a short time.