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Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War

Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War allows players to step into a universe where rebellious toilets have unleashed a legion of creatures.

Expect an unforgettable gaming experience! Prepare to fight an army of toilet monsters, each stronger than the previous. These oddball animals have unique skills and hilarious animations that will make you laugh. Prepare for a humorous and thrilling journey! Find the ultimate solution to the treacherous flood: empower yourself with a carefully prepared array of plungers with unique skills. Take on the flood with unshakable confidence and fortitude. This thrilling game will test your reflexes and strategic thinking. Prepare to fight unending waves of monsters. Make your toilet a castle that matches your tastes. Strengthen its fortifications and armor to make it a personalized haven. A dancing plunger and a cheeky toilet paper roll will captivate you. These are just a few of the amazing species you'll encounter.

How To Play

  • Kill the monsters by shooting them with your laser.
  • To set up safe areas where you can respawn after dying, use the left mouse button to place checkpoints.

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