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Friday Night Funkin Music Notes is a rhythm game in which you play the role of a rapper who must defeat his opponents in rap battles to win.

Each week in the game has its own set of songs. Each week, you must defeat a different opponent in a rap battle. As you progress through the game, the songs will become more difficult. Master the art of anticipation and synchronize your jumps with precision. Discover the incredible power of glides, the ultimate solution for effortlessly clearing gaps and gracefully navigating around obstacles. Experience the exhilarating sensation of rapidly dropping to effortlessly duck under towering obstacles.  You must use the arrow keys to match the rhythm of the music. When the arrows appear on the screen, press the corresponding key on your keyboard. If you press the key at the right time, you will hit the note and earn points. If you miss a note, you will lose points, and your opponent will gain an advantage.

How To Play

Use your keyboard shortcuts. You can use the arrow keys to hit the notes, but you can also use the Z, X, C, and V keys. This can be helpful if you are having trouble hitting the notes with the arrow keys.

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