BG dark

Geometry Dash Auditory Avenue is the game's signature platforming gameplay, complete with an immersive musical experience. Let's play now!

In order to achieve victory, you must navigate difficult stages in a rhythmic manner, synchronizing your movements with the throbbing rhythms of the music. It is worth noting that each of the game's breathtaking stages possesses its own distinct visual and score. F-777 and MDK's distinctive score, along with the rhythm-based gameplay, contribute to the game's dynamic mood. By uploading your one-of-a-kind levels online, you can demonstrate your creative side and show off your uniqueness. Check out the results that other people from all over the world have achieved on the leaderboards to see how your platforming talents compare to those of other people.

How To Play

  • Tap: Make the cube jump.
  • Hold: Make the cube fly up.
  • Release: Make the cube fall.
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