BG dark
Geometry Dash Blackout

Geometry Dash Blackout plunges you into a visually striking, musically charged world where timing and reflexes are your greatest allies.

In this thrilling adventure, you take control of your signature figure—a fascinating geometric shape—and guide it through a maze of levels shrouded in mystery. Experience the thrill of traversing a realm where only pulsating elements or brief bursts of light illuminate your path. As you go off on this thrilling adventure, get ready to demonstrate your sharp perception and rapid reasoning. Prepare yourself for the latest addition to the series—a rhythm-based platformer that transforms the genre. Its thrilling gameplay and mesmerizing neon style will enchant you. In thisThis exciting adventure will challenge your abilities and push your limits to the maximum. larating journey unlike any other is about to begin.

How To Play

Tap the screen to jump (tap and hold for a longer jump). Precision is even more crucial in the dark.