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Geometry Dash Bloudeleuste has multiple levels with increasing difficulty. Try out different levels to test your skills and reflexes now!

As you go, you'll find a universe of limitless possibilities. Collect glittering coins and trade them for significant points. As your score increases, take pleasure in the pursuit! Explore a universe where strategic placement of coins awaits you, and relish the thrill of a treasure hunt. Capturing each golden coin will put your timing and talent to the test. Beware: one mistake could cost you the grand prize. Focus and be smart—let the adventure begin! Choose from a variety of vibrant colors and enticing icons to make your character represent your preferences. Create one-of-a-kind artwork for your character that will captivate the audience.

How To Play

  • The player can direct their character to leap over barriers by tapping the screen.
  • To soar through the air, press and hold the screen.
  • To dodge obstacles, you can perform a flip in mid-air by tapping and holding.


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