BG dark

Geometry Dash Breakthrough allows you to customize your character with different colors and skins. Let's try this speed music game now!

Discover the perfect combination that perfectly complements your unique style. Stay vigilant for potential obstacles that may come your way, including treacherous spikes, menacing saw blades, and tricky moving platforms. Mastering the art of perfect timing. Navigate through challenging obstacles and unlock new levels of achievement. Don't let anything stand in your way; time your moves with precision and watch as you effortlessly conquer every challenge that comes your way. Discover the secret to mastering every jump and move with precision. Immerse yourself in the rhythm, letting it guide you to perfect timing. Don't miss a single step pay close attention and unlock your true potential.

How To Play

Pressing a region on the screen causes your character to leap, allowing you to navigate across the level. Make sure to time your jumps over barriers accurately.

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