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Geometry Dash Chirp is a rhythm-based platforming game where you control a square-shaped character. Help this square win the game now!

Collecting the stars that appear randomly throughout each level will boost your score. While avoiding hazards, make sure to collect as many as possible. Do not give up if you encounter any setbacks in Geometry Dash Chirp; the game is notoriously difficult. To beat each level, you must practice and perfect your timing. To avoid having to start the game over from the beginning, try to avoid touching the spikes. To avoid them, maintain concentration and properly time your jumps. You can save your progress at certain checkpoints throughout the game. You won't have to start over from the beginning if you encounter an impediment after reaching a checkpoint.

How To Play

  • Tap on the screen to make your character jump over obstacles. 
  • Timing is crucial, as you need to jump at the right moment to avoid hitting obstacles.


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