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Geometry Dash Descend is a simple game that requires skill and timing. You control a small cube that can jump and spin. Let's play now!

Using the beat of the music as a guide, you must help a cube overcome a number of challenges in Geometry Dash Descend. You control your character's jumps and avoid hazards by tapping the screen. Avoiding hazards and falling off the platforms requires precise timing of the player's leaps. There are many different stages in the game, and they all provide different difficulties. Each of the three worlds has its own distinct soundtrack and set of levels. Unlocking new worlds requires the player to finish levels on each planet. Even if it's hard, the game is worth it. Timing your jumps and avoiding obstacles will become second nature as you play more.

How To Play

  • Time your jumps carefully to avoid falling off the platforms or colliding with obstacles.
  • Use the different types of jumps to your advantage. You can jump high, low, or even backwards.

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