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Geometry Dash Mindfrick is a challenging game. The game features fast-paced levels with obstacles that require precise timing to navigate.

As you play more, you'll get better at avoiding hazards. When you're playing Geometry Dash Mindfrick, the soundtrack will help you time your jumps. Put down the controller and get back to it when you're feeling frustrated. You may find a lot of top-tier Geometry Dash Mindfrick players streaming their games on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. You can pick up new tricks and approaches just by watching them. Each of the many levels has its own special challenges. It can take hours—if not days—to finish some of the more challenging stages. You will earn coins as you progress through the levels. You may buy new symbols, characters, and more using coins. Completing objectives, such as a level without dying or collecting all the money, can also award you achievements.

How To Play

  • Tap or click to jump. Hold to glide.
  • Avoid obstacles. Collect coins.
  • Reach the end of the level.

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