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Geometry Dash Strawberry lets players take on the role of a tiny square character who must overcome a variety of difficult obstacles.

The game's vibrant strawberry-themed universe includes new levels, music, and gameplay components, as well as the overall aesthetic. In order to accomplish each level, you will need to make use of your abilities to navigate obstacles, such as jumping, flying, and other skills. When playing the game, you will have access to a number of different stages, each of which features its own unique set of challenges. Geometry Dash Strawberry is a definite must-have for platformer game aficionados and series devotees alike, thanks to its bright universe, tough levels, and novel gameplay mechanics.

How To Play

  • To jump, use the spacebar or click.
  • To fly up, hold the space bar or click.
  • To fall down, release the space bar or click.
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