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Geometry Dash Troglodyte is a challenging music game. Guide your cube through dangerous caves, avoiding obstacles, and collecting gems.

As you go through the game, each level will be unique, presenting you with a new challenge to test your reflexes and abilities. Troglodyte has a primeval vibe and is a ferocious, fast-paced level. It has a range of obstacles, including difficult boss fights, tight jumps, and demanding barriers. Make sure to time your sprints and jumps correctly to avoid obstacles and spikes. To advance through the level, you must quickly transform into a ship, a wave, or a cube. The accumulation of blue and green glyphs can lead to both invulnerability and speed improvement. Throughout the level, there are two difficult boss battles. Find out how they assault and commit secure areas to memory.

How To Play

  • Control the wave through tight gaps and over obstacles.
  • Time your movements to avoid collisions with spikes and sawblades.
  • Use the speed boost glyph for difficult jumps.
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