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Geometry Dash UNLIMITED will give you an experience of limitless gameplay with custom challenges created by the vibrant community.

An infinite number of levels with a wide range of challenges and peculiar obstacles will keep you captivated. You can demonstrate your platforming mastery and let your imagination run wild by sharing levels with other players. Acquire a command of the rhythm-based controls and effectively navigate through intricate mazes while avoiding obstacles and completing levels. Through the process of unlocking new characters, colors, and effects, you have the ability to personalize your gameplay experience. You must complete daily tasks to secure the top spot on the leaderboards and gain access to exclusive rewards. Take part in activities that take place all over the world, make connections with other gamers, and share your creations.

How To Play

  • Spacebar or click to jump.
  • A, or left arrow Key to start or stop a spin attack.
  • D, or right arrow The key is to change gravity.
  • R to restart the level.
  • Esc to pause the game.

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