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Geometry Vertical is a game that tests your skills by moving a shape through different levels, avoiding obstacles, and collecting coins.

Starting at the beginning of the game, you will notice a pile of blocks at the bottom of the screen. Apply a brick to the tower's base by dragging it in the appropriate direction. You are able to find the perfect match by taking the block and turning it around in different directions. When you are ready to position the block in the desired location, let go of the left mouse button. Continue building blocks on top of one another to keep the tower balanced. Instability causes the tower to collapse, effectively ending the game. Your tower wins the game if it reaches the top of the screen.

How To Play

  • Left Click: Drag and drop blocks from the queue onto the tower.
  • Right-click: Rotate the block clockwise.
  • Spacebar: Pause the game.
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