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Imposter Dash

Imposter Dash transports you to the heart of a spaceship adventure. Let's help the imposter overcome obstacles and win with a high score.

Throughout the ship, you must complete various tasks to ensure smooth operations. In both your role as a crewmate attempting to stay alive and your one as an imposter striving to remove your opponents, you should carefully plan your maneuvers. In order to convene a meeting, it is imperative that you promptly report any suspicious activity or the discovery of a body. Collaborate with one another to unearth the identity of the imposter. Take out the other crew members before they finish all of their assignments, or they will reveal you! In order to fool your adversaries, you need to employ sabotage, vents, and ingenious disguises. Complete the tasks scattered across the map, such as fixing the wiring and obtaining the data.

How To Play

Tap to jump.