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Jump in Rhythm to the Hit! Cat Disco! is a rhythm game that will have you tapping your paws and meowing along to the beat. Play now!

New tracks with various feline personalities and dance styles will be unlocked as you go through the game. Let your inner disco diva shine in the pulsating arena of online multiplayer matches. Collect your pals, because you're about to see a dance-off of historic proportions. Now is the moment to unleash your full potential and allow the beat to propel you to triumph. Come and be a part of the fight for disco supremacy right now! Welcome to the world of the cutest, most lovable feline characters ever! Listen to the enthralling and stimulating force of our music for yourself. Indulge in the excitement of difficult yet captivating gameplay that will captivate you for hours. Intense and thrilling competitive action awaits you in this online multiplayer experience. Marvel at stunning images and captivating animations.

How To Play

  • As the notes scroll down the screen, tap them in time with the music.
  • Try to hit the notes exactly on the beat to score points.

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