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King Kong Chaos

King Kong Chaos brings you into the thrilling city builder, where you can unleash the legendary giant ape upon your rivals. Let's join now!

To protect your city and defeat your foes in this exciting game, you'll have to gather resources, create structures, and train strong units. When it first came out, people had a wide range of thoughts about the game. While many critics praised the game's graphics and huge damage, some said it was too monotonous and lacked variety. With over 2 million copies sold globally, King Kong Chaos was a commercial triumph. To initiate an attack on a structure, simply toss the dice. The number you roll will determine how severely damaged the building is. Different types of structures have different lifespans. When a building's durability rating drops to zero, we consider it destroyed. Every time King Kong razes a building, you get an extra action card. If you don't destroy all of the structures before the timer runs out, the game will finish.

How To Play

  • To increase your destructive potential, you must carefully plan your movements.
  • Destroying buildings with high durability is a top priority because they provide greater bonuses.
  • Use blocking cards to keep other players from destroying your structures.
  • Keep in mind that you have a certain amount of time and should not squander it on useless tasks.
  • If you're playing in team mode, you'll need to coordinate your attacks to hit certain buildings hard.

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