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Music Garden is a fun music game that will test your reflexes and musicality. The goal is to tap the falling notes in time with the music.

These notes, the most common kind, have a value of one hundred points. The time required to hold these notes down is greater. Each one is worth 200 points. You can earn 500 points for each of these remarks. Despite their rarity, these notes can significantly boost your score. As you go through the game, the levels become increasingly challenging. Do not be concerned if certain notes are omitted. If you persist in your practice, you will master it. As time goes on, the note decay rate and pattern complexity will both rise. But with regular practice, you can become a master player and get amazing scores. Accurate note-tapping and pattern recognition are skills that improve with practice.

How To Play

Click or tap to play. The closer you are to the center of the note when you tap it, the more points you will earn.

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