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Musical Tracks is a fascinating game that tests creativity. Explore a vivid universe of musical tracks with various beats and rhythms.

Following the cube's movements in time with the music is the name of the game. Accumulating points and progressing through levels are achieved by precisely hitting the notes. The cube can be propelled forward down the track by tapping the screen. The cube will come across various colored musical notes as it advances. To score points, tap the notes when the cube touches them. Because the tracks could twist and turn, you'll need to time your taps and adjustments appropriately. Your score will decrease in the event that a note is overlooked. You have to make it through each level by striking the notes as you go along the track. The levels will get increasingly difficult with increasingly fast tempos and intricate rhythms as you go through them.

How To Play

  • Listen closely to the music and anticipate the rhythm. 
  • Tap the notes with precision to maximize your score.

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