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Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers introduces you to a world filled with traps. This is where you control a heavily armed egg, battling it out with others.

Get the most out of your learning experience by giving the practice mode your undivided attention. Learn each part by heart and become an expert at the timing and rhythm that it requires. Your abilities will reach new heights when you embrace the power of practice. Go beyond simple reactions to unleash anticipation's power. Master the art of memorization by devoting yourself to it. Feel the weight of this vital component. We now introduce the Nightmare, the ultimate predator of distractions. Feel the immense force of laser-like concentration when the tiniest diversion can lead to disaster. Refrain from letting frustration break your spirit and embrace the power of resilience. By experiencing their transformative potential, learn the value of restarts as chances for growth. You can improve your tactics and get access to higher levels with every try.

How To Play

Use [WASD] keys to move, [Spacebar] to jump, [Shift] to sprint, and your mouse to aim.